I am an engineering manager at Grammarly, where I lead the Language Research team. The Language Research team consists of nearly 30 linguists and researchers whose mission is to define the expert standard on language and communication for Grammarly's AI features. I received a PhD in computer science from Johns Hopkins University, where I was affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing. My academic research focused on applying natural language processing and machine learning techniques to educational problems, like automatically improving the readability or grammaticality of text.

I studied cognitive linguistics as an undergraduate at Princeton University. After graduating from college, I worked in the trade publishing industry, editing "helpful" non-fiction books. This experience inspired me to pursue a doctorate in computer science in order to develop automatic methods to analyze and improve text. While many see the path from editing to computer science as an unusual one, the same motivation has fueled my careers in both fields: to increase the accessibility of information that can help people and enable them to communicate more effectively.